About Me

Hi there!

This is Irie. She’s called a “Potcake” dog in Turks and Caicos, where she was born. We “rescued” her, which means we adopted her from a local shelter. She was around 15 pounds, and covered with ticks and mange when they picked her up on the beach.

My name is Tomas Elke. I’m a software developer by day, a musician, a dog walker, and a guy with a new blog at night.

In my day job, I’m most familiar with C#, and have written several applications that are in use daily. The biggest and probably most important application I wrote,  interfaces with nursecall systems, and sends their alarm messages to walkie talkies.  Most of my current responsibilities are the upkeep and support of that application. I’m also working on an Angular web app, and some Java/Android stuff that I plan on publishing to the Google Play store pretty soon. I also like to tinker around with Arduino’s and RPi’s, although I don’t have any real work experience with those. They’re mostly just curiosities.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing music, reading comic books (ok, just Batman.) and walking my dog. I watch a bit of TV, like everyone else, I assume. I enjoy Survivor, The Walking Dead, and Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I also like most of those car shows where they build things – like Counting Cars, and Fast ‘N Loud.

Here are my Gibson Guitars. My Wife bought me the Black one on the left for my 40th birthday!

When I’m playing music, I’m usually playing one of my guitars. I really like my Gibson’s, but I’ve also got an Ibanez that I bought years ago that still gets played, from time-to-time. I also play the mandolin, and, if you can believe it, the banjo.  If you want, you can check out my band Too Broke Blokes on YouTube. We’re on  Spotify and Amazon too! I’m singing several of those songs, and playing mandolin or banjo on all of the tracks.

I hope to share things I’ve learned about software development, music performance, and pretty much anything else that seems related to those things. I’m not totally sure what that is right now, so I’m just going to write about whatever tickles my fancy.